KBA Land Clearing Heavy Machinery at Work


Quality land clearing can be an essential service for property owners when nature decides to take over what should be functional, usable space. Blackberries, trees, brush, hedges, and brambles are just a few of the natural landscaping obstacles that, when left unchecked, grow and spread beyond reasonable control taking over needed space.

KBA Land Clearing has been servicing the SW Washington area for nearly a decade. We use state of the art equipment designed to clear and mulch large tracts of land making it useable and manageable. Our heavy vehicles clear and grind unwanted foliage, and can even grind it up so fine (depending on your needs), it can leave a mulched ground cover providing a smooth surface area and park like appearance.


The Importance of Land Clearing

Seasonal Fire Hazards: It’s All About Proximity

Every year millions of acres of livable land are claimed by seasonal fires. During those times, one of the major determining factors of whether a home will withstand a major fire season is the distance between the home and dense foliage and trees. The closer those ignitable areas are to structures the more likely it can spread and burn down important shelters and buildings on your land.

Taking the time to clear the land of all surrounding growth (including embedded tree stumps, roots of brush, etc.) reduces the risk of fire hazard by eliminating ignitable obstacles that could jeopardize your home.

Trees, Bushes and Other Natural Obstacles Can Grow Back

Taking the time to clear the land of all surrounding growth (including embedded tree stumps, roots of brush, etc.) reduces the risk of fire hazard, as mentioned above, but also eliminates the possibility that these natural growths coming back. The problem with chainsaws as a main land clearing device is that they are not designed to get down to the roots where continued growth happens. As a result, every few months or years (depending on the growth) will require further maintenance and trimming—creating a never ending cycle. Trees are no different. While they generally will not grow back you still have the stumps to contend with which means bringing out a grinder to take the remains all the way to the ground.

The machines we use for clearing at KBA Land Clearing are designed to do all of this at once. Our heavy equipment will knock down trees, rip through brush and grind up brambles as we move along the property. Trees, bushes, and most importantly the root system are all removed during the clearing process leaving behind a finely mulched ground cover and cleared space.

What Does Our Land Clearing Work Look Like?

It’s fine to talk about the benefits of land clearing but seeing the results can show what words can’t say. Below are photos and videos of a few of the jobs we have worked on with local land owners, what the results looked like after the land was cleared, and some of the heavy equipment we used to clear the land.

Ready to Take Back Your Land?

Now is a great time to have us come out and inspect your land to talk about clearing options. If you have a piece of property that needs some refining, please feel free to reach out to us with questions. Fill out our contact form to the right and we’ll respond shortly. Thank you.